Embracing the Unconventional

Slo Down has been making seriously good wine that doesn’t take itself too seriously since 2008.

Slo Down Wines, a wine brand with the motto, “seriously good wines that doesn’t take itself too seriously” had an awesome story, a slew of unconventional online ads and a portfolio of delicious, yet approachable wines. Despite their unique approach to winemaking, the brand had received little media traction since its inception in 2009.

With hundreds of thousands of wine labels available across the U.S., all vying for media attention from a limited pool of outlets and reporters, telling a story that is a) unique and b) will resonate can be difficult.

Especially since at the end of the day, wine is wine – right? Wrong. By targeting wine media with the brand story of Slo Down Wines, tying in recent trends in the industry (like the growing number of millennial drinkers) and segmenting media to focus on lifestyle, wine and news publications, INK created story lines for each market segment and a comprehensive media strategy for Slo Down wines. Through these targeted campaigns, INK has and continues to secure coverage in top wine, consumer and national publications such as VICE, Martha Stewart, XOJane, Crave, The Daily Meal and Yahoo.