Messaging Minus the Jargon Tells a Broader Story

Sensuron is a leading global provider of fiber optic sensing systems that use light to test, measure and control applications across the aerospace, medical, automotive and energy industries.

We’re changing the world.

Technology companies change the world, every day – they save us time, save us money, and even save us from being scammed. But not all of them actually get to save us by sustaining our lives. Sensuron does. And we were honored to be a part of telling the world their story.

We started with the website, the public representation of the brand. The technology the company creates is cool, but the value it provides to the world – keeping planes in the air, improving patient care, helping engineers find new ways to solve the world’s biggest challenges – is even cooler, and we wanted that to be evident. Working with INK partner Workhorse Digital, we determined the look and feel, wrote all of the copy, and got the site up and running in just under 90 days. Next up…launch.

The world had not heard of Sensuron. Through media and analyst relations, content creation on the Sensuron blog, and a thoughtful social media program, INK changed that. In the first few months of the program, we secured coverage in Laser Focus World, Machine Design, and; we cranked out some great stuff for the Sensuron blog (including this Star Wars post that was also picked up by EDN), and we grew our social media network with quality followers, like media, analysts, and industry influencers.

The company is off to a great start and we were a part of that. When the Sensuron technology blasts off to Mars in a space shuttle, we’ll say we knew them when…