Old Brand, New Press

Real Ale has been brewing beer in the Texas Hill Country since 1996 and upholds a foundation of time-honored brewing tradition with minimal processing that produces maximum flavor.

“Wow, those are ALL Real Ale brews?” Said pretty much everyone, whenever faced with the reality that Real Ale brewed at least 10 other beers, beyond Firemans #4, that you had never heard of. And why? Because each beer had its OWN brand, versus all beers coming from one brand house. When Real Ale decided to fix that, they called our friends, The Butler Bros. When they wanted to let people know about the fix, they called INK.

One of our very favorite parts of this story is that the message was the crux of the matter. It was THE THING that would make or break whether the client saw this campaign as successful.

It wasn’t about whether every person who could cover it, would cover it – it was about whether they covered it in the right way, with the brand story remaining intact, and the only thing changing being the label on the bottle. Real Ale is a company that not only believes in quality over quantity, it puts its money where its mouth is. And we can proudly say, we delivered on both.

The aim of INK’s Real Ale campaign was not only to announce the next phase of the brand, but also to build an ongoing cadence with publications. Key messages included Real Ale’s long and storied history and the quality of the brewery’s products, as well as the authenticity of the brand. Thanks to ongoing conversations and collaboration between INK and the brewery staff, we were able to take meticulous care with messaging and develop pitches and events that spoke to the Real Ale brand in its entirety. Through regular and proactive pitching strategies and media events, INK helped to secure 42 unique articles and increase the company’s share of voice to 14 percent of the total market. While these were fantastic progressive numbers, the biggest win was the standard and quality of the articles. By experiencing the brand (and the great beer) through a number of media events, we built longstanding relationships with media who continued to cover the brand on an ongoing basis.