now owned by Aavid Thermalloy, designs, manufactures and distributes fanless thermal management solutions for LED lighting applications.

“How do we make cooling fun?” Um, you don’t? Don’t lie, I know that’s what you were thinking. But truth be told, we rose to the challenge.

INK worked with Nuventix for several years prior to acquisition. In its run-up to exit, the company felt the need to update its image. Having told the Nuventix story to trade and national media for years, it made sense that INK would lead the charge on a rework of the company’s message.

We interviewed key stakeholders – including executives, employees, customers, partners, and investors – and got their impressions of the company. We read what the media had to say about the company, competitors, and the industry. We checked out reports by industry analysts watching the space. And what we found was a need to boil down the story to its essence. Indeed, Nuventix was “the company that cools.”

Ice cream for the roll-out meeting? Yep, it happened. How could it not?