Yes, PR Can Help You Exit

MapMyFitness, now a product of the Under Armour Connected Fitness business unit, develops mobile apps and websites to build the world’s largest digital fitness community by providing interactive tools to make fitness social, simple, and rewarding.

It was November 2013, exactly one year after we began our work with MapMyFitness, and we were running the news announcement that Under Armour was purchasing the company for $150 million. It was big news, but it didn’t come out of nowhere – though without INK, it might have.

In the year prior, we did as much as humanly possible to get MapMyFitness in front of industry influencers. There are a lot of them – reporters are all over the fitness space – but most saw the company as an established player (read: boring), with a large database of users (read: not really using), and little innovation (read: even more boring). We had to turn that around. And we did.

We set out a steady drumbeat of news to be the foundation of our media relations efforts. Then we added in a concerto of proactive pitching, “just try it!” influencer campaigns, and even an in-person event at SXSW Interactive.

We were focused, consistent, and strategic. Did it pay off? MapMyFitness’ then-CEO had this to say: “PR was instrumental in our acquisition by Under Armour.”

So, I’d say so.