Social Media for Traditional Recognition

KiOR was a renewable energy company whose technology converted biomass into renewable crude oil, which could then be processed into gasoline, diesel, and fuel oil.

“We want to win.”

Our charge was to increase KiOR’s placement in the annual biofuels industry list from #13 to anything higher.

The company was getting its butt kicked in the perception arena because it didn’t have a presence on social media. And it wanted to win its industry’s top publication’s “who’s who” honor in a big way. So what did it do? You got it – they hired INK.

INK put together a Twitter campaign replete with images overlaid with key stats from the company’s development, as well as the top reasons why biofuels rocked, and used those images to engage with as many participants in the biofuels industry as possible. We upped the awareness around the issues and the brand, and through that we garnered votes for KiOR via Twitter.

KiOR ended up moving 10 spots from #13 to #3 as a result of our targeted social media campaign and gained a lot of great industry awareness for the brand