Global Bioenergies

Global Bioenergies is committed to establishing

new and refining existing processes to convert renewable resources into hydrocarbons through fermentation.

We want you to do for us what you did for them.

Global Bioenergies was a small company in the biofuels space, but one with big dreams – it wanted to follow in the footsteps of industry darling KiOR (note to GBE: be careful what you wish for).

Our charge was to intro the company to US media. We had good news to work with – Audi was working with GBE to create biofuel. We used that news as a jumping off point and started conversations with the AP, Washington Post, and the New York Times on behalf of the company.

Before we got too far, the company changed strategy and put all North American resources into Germany. Still, the experience, and the fascination, remains – companies are doing amazing things with technology to change our world, and address climate change, for the better. We’re proud to be a part of it.