Gazelle Foundation

Local Work, Global Impact

Through funding and building clean water projects, the Gazelle Foundation is offering a first step in breaking the vicious cycle of poverty in Burundi.

For the past five years, we’ve assisted the Gazelle Foundation with its daily social media efforts and fundraising for its annual Run for the Water race event. It’s a rewarding program, both for the organization – we’ve helped increase registration in the race and engagement with the Foundation – and for us.

Our challenge is not uncommon — keeping content fresh across five channels while remaining true to the message of the mission.

The solution proves each year to be a joy – we keep reminding the awesome people and running community of Austin (and beyond) that they have the power to change one life and then celebrate that to the fullest.

We love working at the forefront of technology – it’s an exciting place to be and the role we play moves our clients’ businesses forward. We’re very proud of that. But when we can also, with our expertise in social media, support an organization which is bringing one of life’s necessities to the people of Burundi, well that’s a good day’s work.