Partners in PR

CSID is a leading provider of global identity protection and fraud detection technologies for businesses, their employees, and consumers.

We are a lucky team in that we often get to work with clients who allow us to push our creative limits. CSID was one of the first of those clients – a true partner, really – who trusted us to lead the charge on content programs when the rest of the tech world was still thinking “PR = media relations.” It’s important, sure,

but sometimes media relations is not the end-all-be-all. Providing value to the world through communications however, is.

Take child identity theft. CSID had a ton of information in its databases about the ins-and-outs of child identity theft, and what precautions consumers could take to stop it. Same with small business security breaches. Same with best practices for online privacy. So instead of relying on reporters to get these stories out there (reporters whom, understandably so, would invariably want more specific data than CSID could provide due to privacy requirements), INK and CSID created a quarterly content campaign that included a white paper on the topic fueled by CSID and third party research, webinar,  blog posts, bylined articles, social media campaigns, website landing pages, and yes, media relations to support that same campaign topic through many different mediums.

Multiple years in and we continue to build and finesse the CSID PR program, in partnership with our client. We’ve recently added a podcast – Firewall Chats, check it out on iTunes – and are looking forward to mixing it up, learning more, and testing as we grow together in the coming years.