Telling the Good News

Classy is a technology company and online fundraising platform that helps social impact organizations solve social problems, faster.

It can be very difficult to shine when you play a supporting role to the world’s top nonprofits and social impact organizations. Just like INK’s story is really our clients’, so goes it with Classy. But what an opportunity! Classy’s technology helps nonprofits raise money and engage supporters in the most innovative ways possible, to do more good than they could do before. So with humble intentions and in full support of their customers, our team set out to be creative and tenacious in telling the story of Classy as a company and secret weapon through the stories, words, and successes of its customers.

Media relations is tough, folks. It’s like baseball — you’re going to strike out, a lot, but you keep trying, and when you hit a homerun it feels great.

And that homerun can have significant impact on your client. For Classy, that homerun has come in many forms. From Christian Science Monitor’s coverage of the first responders in Nepal, enabled by technology like Classy’s to raise funds and move fast. From participation from Fast Company and top media influencers in Classy’s Collaborative event that honors the industry’s top social good initiatives and thought leaders. From a video interview in Forbes to discuss the trends guiding today’s most progressive nonprofits. All of these and many smaller steps are taking our program and Classy’s leadership position in the right direction.

With Classy, we are lucky enough to have an excellent resource that is the Classy blog. These guys do a great job of consistently telling their stories and perspectives online so we have fodder to work with for pitches and articles. If you don’t have that kind of content chops in-house, INK can help. Writing is in our DNA – as is media relations.