News Happens, (Very) Quickly

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“The President is coming. I need your help.”

What a call to receive while celebrating a coworker’s birthday over lunch. One day later, we were on our way to Manitowoc, Wisconsin, home of Broadwind Towers, and one of the stops on President Obama’s February 2013 renewable energy tour. What could we do to help? Plenty.

When the President comes to town, his communications team has his side of the media buttoned up. But Broadwind still had a story to tell, and INK helped to do that. We worked with company executives to identify employees with the most interesting, and energy-related, stories to tell – and prepped them in the telling. Materials were needed to support the Broadwind story in print and to the national press corp – INK led that charge as well.

Beyond the on-site assistance, we had the opportunity to tell the world that President Obama appreciated what Broadwind was doing. We did that via all sorts of proactive media relations, including a video of the majesty of turbine tower building, lots of historical photos, and a storied history of renewable energy in the US and the region.

At the end of the day, we also got to shake the President’s hand and we have to say, that was pretty cool. All in a day’s work.