We think work is better in good company and we’re pretty lucky to work with some of the best. INKers are a special type of people who are obsessed with all-things media, new technology, cool tools, and the pursuit of professional perfection with a healthy hunger for fun, Tex-Mex, beer and chocolate. We can debate headlines for a messaging matrix just as long as we can fight over who has the best playlist of boy-band music. We think work-life balance is about blending the line between the two and just living a good working life. That means at INK, we put each other first and if one of us wins, we all win. If one of us loses, well, we buy them a beer and offer a hug (optional). Our physical offices are in Austin and Denver, our clients are all over the globe and you can usually find an INKer or two WFWing (working from wherever) at a coffee shop with a strong brew.

Check our current job listings and tell us what you could bring to the talent potluck that is INK.


  • Cutest. Mascots. Ever. 🐶❤️
  • Floating into summer like... 🦄🌵
Happy birthday to our Gemini INKers @rachamurph + @kimmiemackley 🎉
  • We take #nationalselfieday seriously 🤳 #starrselfie

We are what we believe: Be there before. There’s always a better way. Listen to understand. If you work hard, and you’re kind, great things will happen.