Awareness = Quantity, Action = Quality

In preparation for a client meeting recently, I ran across this article on PR measurement on Metrics Man’s blog. He details five things to forget and five things to learn about PR measurement in 2010. A few things resonated with me on this topic:

What to forget: The PR industry has tried for SO LONG to measure PR in terms of numbers (ad value equivalency, number of hits, number of interviews…) – hell, we still do this at INK primarily because it’s the language our clients speak. But does it really work? Metrics Man says forgeddaboudit. It doesn’t tell you anything. So what if your coverage increased significantly year over year? Did anyone read it? Did anyone ACT on it?

Ah, action – that’s one of the things to remember in 2010. What PR is all about is moving an audience from (Metrics Man here again) exposure to engagement to influence to ACTION. If we’re just measuring exposure – which is what the quantity measurements are all about – then we’re not saying much about the value that PR is bringing to our clients’ business. Now, say we only get one interview – but it’s an interview with the Wall Street Journal and has the potential to influence legislation that affects the industry the client plays in…let’s ask the client what he would prefer – more interviews or the RIGHT interview? I hope we can guess which one he prefers.

Starr Million Baker
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  • Hi Starr,
    Thanks very much for linking to my post and referencing the Exposure/Engagement/Influence/Action model. You are thinking about this the right way in my view. The key first step is a mindset change from ‘quantity of coverage’ to ‘what happened as a result of the coverage’. Small but difficult first step for many.

    Thanks again, Don B @donbart